Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Track of the Day - 8-15-07

Today's Track of the Day:

The Meters - "Stormy"

I like lots of different kinds of music - jazz, pop, blues, classical, folk, rock, funk, you name it, really. This particular track, like most of the Meters' earlier stuff, is basically (for want of a better term) "instrumental pop." It (and they) take a lot from the funkier parts of jazz and soul, but it's smoothly melodic and a lot of fun to listen to. This particular track is one of my favorites. A moderately slow beat from the rhythm section kicks things off - it's kind of a slow burn, really, all the way through - and is joined by the guitar and keyboard. The song is really a showcase for Art Neville's organ work. It's a nice, mellow jam that repays repeated listening.

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